What's in module 1

Hello and welcome.

In this module we look at what the life you would love might look like.

The module has

  • 1 video [5 min 16 sec],
  • A transcript of the video
  • a notebook to record your thoughts and ideas as they arise. Choose either the PDF version or the Word [.docx] version. I recommend print out the booklet and write/draw in it to collect a range of different aspects for your journey
  • A 1-page star template for module 1 so you can collect the most important points about the life you'd love into one picture.

If you print out this one-page star template, it will form for you a 1-page picture of the life you’d love. This can be a great reminder. If you put the picture somewhere where you see it often, then it reminds you repeatedly of what you would really like.

So, to begin:

  • watch the video
  • start recording what you wish in the life you’d love
  • maybe reflect on each area of life
  • transfer the most important ones to your unique 1-page star template for module 1
  • reflect on what this picture tells you. Where could it lead you?


If you already know what the life you'd love would be like, skip ahead to module 2 where you explore your resources to get yourself there.